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2002 - 2003 Program

Uncovering the Earth's Deep Secrets: The Past, Present, and Future of Ocean Drilling
Guest:  Gerardo Iturrino

Remote Sensing of Earth and the Terrestrial Planets
Guest: Christopher Small

Teaching About Hazards
Guest: Arthur Lerner-Lam and Bob Chen

Impact Craters Under the Sea
Guest: Dallas Abbott

The River Runs Through It: The Hudson and Our Lives
Guest: Martin Visbeck and Robin Bell

Cores and Climate Change
Guest: Gerard Bond and Rusty Lotti

Natural Gas in the Continental Margins
Guest: Jeffrey Weissel

Water Resource Issues
Guest: Upmanu Lall and Fred Koontz

International Water
and Health Issues


Arsenic in the Groundwaters of Bangladesh
Guest: Lex Van Green


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