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New Technologies to Explore the Floors: The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

Gerardo Iturrino

18 Sep 2004

For our first E2C Workshop in the 2004 - 2005 series, we are pleased to feature the work of our LDEO scientist and Principal Investigator for the Earth2Class NSF grant, Dr. Gerardo Iturrino. Gerry is a Research Scientist in the Borehole Research Group. He spent two months during the summer of 2004 aboard the JOIDES Resolution in the first Expedition of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP.) His talk will describe this new 10-year, multi-million dollar international project.

     With Gerry aboard the JOIDES Resolution for this historic cruise was Dr. Jon Rice, a middle school educator who served as the first IODP "Teacher at Sea."  Jon created a journal describing his two months aboard the ship. He also prepared a set of classroom activities about the various shipboard laboratories which are now undergoing final development by the IODP and will soon be posted.

     [NOTE: We hoped to have Jon with us for today's program, but his flight has been cancelled due to the inclement weather associated with the remnant of Hurricane Ivan. He will join us at another program this year, at which time we will further explore this theme.]


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