29 Sep     IODP School of Rock 2007: Exploring Earth with
                 Ocean drilling, part 1

                 Gas Hydrates with Jill Weinberger

The Earth2Class Workshops this Fall feature two special themes: the “IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program) 'School of Rock' Workshops” and the “Lamont Contributions to the IPY (International Polar Year).” 
In July, seventeen teachers and twelve IODP researchers and staff members participated in the "School of Rock 2007: Exploring Ocean Cores at the Gulf Coast Repository." In our September and October E2C workshops, LDEO Borehole Research Group scientists
Jill Weinberger, Gilles Guerin join  E2C Organizer Dr. Michael
J. Passow, and others to share some of the data and concepts presented at this program, along with  selected educational activities and materials developed by the first and second SOR participants. 

Jill came to LDEO in 2006 as a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist, after earning her Ph.D. at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. She is particularly interested in the interaction of geologic structure, sediment properties, and fluid flow in the formation of gas hydrate deposits. Much of her research is based on participation in Ocean Drilling Program Leg 204. Jill has now returned to California to continue her research.

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